“A good lawyer can help, a great lawyer can win”

Glenn was born and raised in Albuquerque’s South Valley, an area known both for its rural farms and rough neighborhoods. It was against this backdrop that Glenn learned about conflict and competition, developing the fighting instincts that would serve him so well in his legal career.

On the day after his expulsion from Rio Grande High School at 16, Glenn visited a Navy recruiting station, where the recruiters were less than enthusiastic about a 16-year-old prospect with no high school diploma. Glenn walked next door to the United States Marine Corps Station where, after giving him an aptitude test, they were more than happy to welcome him into their ranks. Glenn began working with his recruiter that day and on the first business day following his 17th birthday, took his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Glenn’s four-year Marine Corps tour took him far from the South Valley; from cold weather training in Cold Lake Canada, to deployments to Iwakuni and Okinawa, Japan. While stationed stateside in California, Glenn began his college education after earning a GED. Becoming a Marine not only gave Glenn the opportunity to travel the world, it helped him learn the values of discipline and education.

After the Marines, Glenn returned to the South Valley and enrolled at the University or New Mexico, earning his BA and Law Degrees. Glenn worked his way through UNM, by life guarding, stints as a bouncer at bars around Albuquerque and breeding and showing American Pit Bull Terriers. Glenn actually paid for an entire semester of law school by selling a litter of pit bull puppies.

Glenn excelled in law school and, along with 12 others, became the first to complete the Law School curriculum in 2 1/2, rather than the usual 3 years. On May 21st, 1996, he again took an oath to support the Constitution. Glenn opened his own law office immediately, starting a private practice in the spare bedroom of his South Valley home.

After all these years, Glenn has a record he is proud of, providing the experienced consultation and aggressive representation that has benefited client after client. But it isn't just the number of years he has been a lawyer, or the number of clients that he has helped that make him the lawyer you need, it's results like these >>

Glenn has a simple explanation for his success, he loves being a lawyer and he loves representing the underdog. He has taken the things his life and work taught him about fighting, discipline, loyalty, and protecting others and combined it with the tenacity and fearlessness of the Pit Bulls he loves and found his true calling, an advocate and advisor that you would want in your corner when things look their worst.

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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.